Kite&Wake package is one and only offer for those who want 100% vacation, 100% satisfaction from time spent in El Gouna!

The package guarantee you'll enjoy your stay and that you won't waste your time. You don't want to worry about the equipment, about the wind? That's offer for you - without any additional costs! 

What's in package?

The package is 6-days kite rental with possibility to surf wake or/and kite! You decide what to do!

  • Standard Package: for those kitesurfers that will mostly want to kite and by the way try wakeboarding. In this option you've got 2-days in which you can resign from kiting and go to cable park! Wake material and cable pass are included!
  • Extra Package: you can kite or wake everyday - you decide what you want to do each day!
  • VIP Package: want it 100% VIP? For some Euros more you can wake AND kite each day - no limits! All inclusive;)!

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 Week10 Days2 Weeks3 Weeks

Kite&Wake Standard
(2 days of wake)

330 €book now      

Kite&Wake EXTRA
(Kite OR Wake - Everyday)

410 €book now 550 €book now 640 €book now 750 €book now
Kite&Wake VIP
(Kite AND Wake - Everyday)
500 €book now 650 €book now 750 €book now 1020 €book now



What's included:


What's you benefit from package?

Think that you come to El Gouna for a week - kite and wakeboard for 3 days each!

Option no 1 - Renting the equipment:

3 days of kite rental cost 3x70 EUR + 3 days cable pass (3x35 EUR) + 3 days wakeboarding equipment rental (3x20EUR) - that gives us about 375 EUR.

Option no 2 - Taking your own equipment:

One week of kiting with your own equipment costs you: 45 EURx2 (fee for sport luggage) + 45 EUR (storage) and cable passes and wake equipment rental as above. That gives us in sum about 300 EUR! But is this really beneficial option? You have to carry the equipment, transport it from and to the airport, and between hotel and station... What's more you probably do not have all sizes of kites - we have - even 17 m2!

KITE&WAKE Package - why it's worth to buy it?

The package costs you 350 EUR per week - and you have fun guaranteed! Everyday you choose what to do - wake or kite - and you always have good time, good equipment and good conditiones. No worries at all beacause this is what real holidays are about;)



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