We start to reconstruct new station!

Would you like to support us with reconstruction of RedSeaZone? Read more here!

Last night RedSeaZone went up in flames… Within 15 minutes our and Your house burned down – the house of hundreds or even thousands of kitesurfers! The place which raised the masters, the place which continously, for 13 years, has been full of life, the place in which a lot of You guys took their first steps in kitsurfung, finally the place which changed the lives of many, the place which you surely know.

RedSeaZone is 13 years of hard work and amazing commitment of the whole team. During those years we had a lot joyful moments, we have celebrated successes, survived crises, and those UNFORGETTABLE moments will stay with us forever!

RedSeaZone is not a building, it’s a big family and this can’t be taken from us by the fire.



Do you want to help us?

1. Choose sth from the offer and make a money transfer or transfer us amount of money of your choice!

2. Title your money transfer: RedSeaZone + Your e-mail adress.

3. We will issue a voucher for the choosen service or course or just for the transfered money.

4. Vouchers will not have expiration date and everybody who has the voucher will be able to use it (friend or someone from your family).

5. Details for money transfers:

Our bank details:

Arab African International Bank Hurghada Branch
RedSeaZone Watersports Academy
Account number: 528136 3931
Swift code: ARAIEGCX

Red Sea Zone Watersport Academy

Above bank account number belongs to our company in Poland and it's our official polish account.

Thank you! 

We have received a lot of support from you today, just after the fire - we know that you are with us and that we can always, in any situation count on you - today we really needed it! You probably don’t realize but you spread this amazing energy all over El Gouna. You gave us today a lot of strength and wings. We have some great news for you! We already have the equipment, and we have organized everything, so that tomorrow we can continue teaching on our spot!

If you want to support us financially, we would like to encourage you to visit us in El Gouna and purchase courses and services in our temporary and future spot - for each course, rental or rescue pack we will issue a voucher without a due date, which you will be able to use whenever you decide to pop up for a visit. 

Come to see us, train new tricks, tip our staff and spread the news that we are alive and still working hard - in this way you give us energy and top up our accounts ;) We have decided not to make any official fundraising - we are alive and all good - we just need to mobilize ourselves to rebuild the spot, and thanks to you we are stronger than ever!

What you can book to help us and support reconstruction? Check the list below!

Kitesurfing Course IKO 1 / 2 / 3 /4

Refresher Course

Freestyle Workshops

Equipment Rental

Rescue Pack - storage and rescue


Storage and rescue


1 year!
Prize 300 €

For those of you who would like to support us in a special way we've just prepared "king's rescue pack" - for whole year!


Storage and rescue


1 day  Week (6 days)   2 Weeks (14 days)  3 Weeks (21 days)
Prize 10 €  55 € 112 € 158 €



Standard offer:

TimeSemiprivate coursePrivate course
1h 1h45 € / pp 1h70 €
2h 2h88 € / pp 2h138 €
3h 3h132 € / pp 3h204 €
4h 4h174 € / pp 4h268 €
5h 5h215 € / pp 5h330 €
6h 6h255 € / pp 6h390 €
7h 7h294 € / pp 7h448 €
8h 8h332 € / pp 8h504 €
9h 9h396 € / pp 9h558 €
10h 10h405 € / pp 10h610 €
11h 11h440 € / pp 11h660 €
12h 12h474 € / pp 12h708 €
13h 13h507 € / pp -
14h 14h539 € / pp -
15h 15h570 € / pp -
16h 16h600 € / pp -
Every next hour: 1h37 € / pp 1h59 €


PROMO Offer:

CourseSemiprivate coursePrivate course
8h Package PROMO* - 8h430 € 
10h Package PROMO* 10h320 €/pp 10h515 €
12h Package PROMO* BESTSELLER 12h370 €/pp 12h635 €
16h Package PROMO* 16h490 €/pp -




Office in Egypt

RedSeaZone Watersports Academy
Northern Mangroovy Beach,
El Gouna, Egypt

LON 33.40.21 E
LAT 27.25.29 N

Mobile Egypt: (+20) 1011108081
Skype nick: redseazone

Office in Poland

RedSeaZone Poland
ul. Warszawska 39/41
61-028 Poznań

Open: Mon - Fri from 9:00 till 17:00
Mobile: +48 513 020 572

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