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18 years of experience in kitesurfing lessons

Do you think kitesurfing and Egypt make for an excellent pair? Then it is crucial that we get to know each other! We are a Polish kitesurfing school located in the modern resort of El Gouna, Egypt, and have been operational since 2005. We run a variety of kitesurfing courses: from classes for beginners (where people start from zero”), through advanced competition training to courses for kitesurfing instructors. We organise international competitions, events, youth camps, equipment tests and kitesurfing expeditions to uninhabited Red Sea islands – the so-called Kitesafari. We invite you to our kitesurfing courses in El Gouna, near Hurghada. We guarantee the best equipment, top quality service and lots of fun!

We have been in business for 18 years

As RedSeaZone we have been operational since 2005, and in the water sports industry since 1992. We have hundreds of satisfied clients and tons of experience that you can fully trust!

We speak 4 languages

We teach kitesurfing in Egypt in four languages: Polish, English, Arabic and Russian. Thanks to us you can meet friends from different parts of the world who share your passion!

Everything in one location

At our kite base in El Gouna you will find everything you need to learn kitesurfing and prepare properly for your kite trips (kitesafari).

A great atmosphere

Talented instructors and plenty of humour are the ideal environment to learn kitesurfing. We believe that the combination of practice and fun yields the best results.

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Kitesurfing courses

on the blue lagoon

Pleasant, effective, safe

We take kitesurfing seriously – it is not only our passion, but first of all our work. We make sure that your training is fun, effective and safe! Trust us, we know how to make you love the kite and the board as much as we do… 😉 We train individually and in groups of two.

RedSeaZone base

A Polish kite base in El Gouna, Egypt is available for our customers. Here we have everything you need to learn kitesurfing – from experienced instructors, equipment rental to locker rooms with sanitary facilities. We also provide equipment storage, and after classes you’re welcomed to the bar and relaxation areas where you can chill out. With us you will not only practice kiteboarding in Egypt, but also enjoy a paradise vacation.

Kitesurfing events and trips

Kiteaway x RSZ Kitesafari

Kite trips for everyone

We organize kitesurfing trips and events for kitesurfers of all ages and levels.

Thanks to our instructors who will take care of you during the trip, you will make great progress every time you go kiting. This is confirmed by the feedback of our customers, who appreciate the knowledge of our instructors and the atmosphere in which we teach kitesurfing.

El Gouna - the African Venice

Paradise for kitesurfers

How to get to RedSeaZone

Accommodation in El Gouna


The best year-round kitesurfing spot only 4 hours from Europe

Flat and shallow lagoon (about 500 m of water up to your waist), sandy beach and bottom, wonderful weather, turquoise water and impressive wind statistics make it impossible to dream of a better place to swim and learn kitesurfing. Thanks to these conditions, we swim 365 days a year at our kitesurf school!

Blue lagoon

Approximately 500 metres of blue water that reaches the waist - absolute perfection for beginners and advanced swimmers.


Annual wind statistics point to more than 70% of days with wind speed above 4 Beaufort!


The air temperature rarely drops below 25 degrees Celsius / 77 degrees Fahrenheit.


At least 6 months per year we swim without wetsuits, in the remaining months the water has the minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celcius / 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kitesurfers love RedSeaZone!

We have over 500 positive reviews from kitesurfers from all over the world in all major sources with an average rating close to perfection. Several hundred people can’t be wrong! Book a flight and join the large community of RedSeaZone friends.


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Kite instructors and service

Our priority is your vacation! We focus on the quality of kitesurfing training with only professional IKO instructors in several languages. We take care of safety. On the water there is always a team from the belay motorboat, ready to help, and beach boys provide assistance in taking off and landing kites. We create an atmosphere that is impossible to forget. We make every kitesurfing course in Egypt a wonderful experience, full of excitement and positive emotions. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We take kitesurfing seriously – it is not only our passion, but first of all a job we love. We make sure that your training is fun, effective and safe! Trust us, we know how to make you love kite and board as much as we do… Many satisfied customers return to us, because they know that if you kite in Egypt, only RedSeaZone. Do you want to find out about it? You are welcome!

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