Besides business meetings and presentations, your program will be fulfilled with sport activities and other awesome attractions. Do not worry – it is not a survival camp. Our activities are suitable for all levels of fitness. We will show you the exciting world of kitesurfing – the world’s fastest growing water sport. Apart from that, you can also try scuba diving and enjoy the views of an outstanding coral reef. We will take you to a desert safari, quad bikes, go-karts, and even wakeboarding or waterskiing pulled by a speed boat!And of course, you are going to visit the colorful and lively streets of Hurghadaand dance on the beach till sunrise. Our instructors will take care of everything, so do not hesitate! It’s going to be an amazing adventure!


Our passion and our profession.

Kitesurfing is all about understanding and taming the wind. It is the dreams of flying high and piloting coming true. And you know what? There is no hard landing! Kitesurfing is the world’s fastest growing water sport. It seems more difficult and demanding than it really is – all the skills necessary for becoming an independent kiteboardercan be obtained within 18 hours, during the 3 levels of International Kiteboarding Organization program for beginners.


Hotel Mosaique 4*

Example - 800m from RedSeaZone.

The hotel is located on the northern side of Abu TigMarina, steps away from the boulevard full of restaurants and shopping venues. While walking, you can admire luxurious yachts and boats anchored along the way. Décor style rooms with balcony or terrace are air-conditioned and have a minibar, safety box at extra charge, bathroom with shower, phone and satellite television. Guests can use a beautiful beach located nearby RedSeaZoneKitesurfing Center, where you are going to take your lessons, rent or store equipment.

Additional activities

We offer you a wide variety of additional activities that can also be the alternative for low wind days. El Gounais known for its high quality service. Conducting business continuously throughout the year since 2005 allowed us to verify and choose the best contractors. Their quality and reliability is constantly monitored by our clients. Our guides will accompany you and organize all of the additional activities. High standards and price stability are our priorities!


Watching underwater world is always fascinating. Red Sea is known for its coral reefs, colorful fish and dolphins – it is a true diving paradise! Come with us and join the Discover Scuba Diving PADI organization program. You have never dived before? You can’t swim?! That’s perfectly fine!!! The training starts with a short introduction in the swimming pool, after which you are ready to swim out. The instructor will guide you underwater up to 10 meters deep – holding your hand if you wish! Snorkeling equipment will be available for those, who are not keen on diving. Lunch and soft drinks included.

Time: 1 day.


Desert Safari

Once you get tired of water, why not trying a buggy carts and quads sunset desert trip? Desert Safari in the Red Sea Mountains is a memorable adventure full of sun, sand and fun. Feel like a Paris-Dakar Rally winner and visit the Bedouin village hidden in the canyons separating the Red Sea Coast from the Eastern Dessert. Local tea and aromatic shishais served to all participants.

Time: about 3 hours.



In case of low wind and strong desire to have fun on the water, we have two options: wakeboarding and water skiing. The best conditions for these waters sports are no wind and flat water. The boat with a so-called tower, on which the robe is hooked, pulls you up and to the front as you start moving, and lets you slide. You will see how easy it is to jump for the first time on the perfectly cut waves behind the boat!

Time: about 2 hours.


Marine Aquarium

A must see show! Dolphins, seals and sea lions showing their balancing, juggling and acrobatic skills! Their joyous performance will take your breath away. It is also possible to swim with them in the pool and take a photo with these smiling animals. All of this only 30 minutes away from El Gouna. And remember: dolphins adore applause!

Time: 2 hours.


Catamaran Cruise

It’s no ordinary sailing! Imagine watching huge, white sails above your head, dolphins jumping around and sunbathing on the net – does it sound convincing enough? Ocean Diva, huge and luxurious catamaran led by Dutch Capitan and elegant, champagne serving crew will make your day!

Time: half a day.


Football Match

We have a special offer for all football fans: football game with local enthusiasts against your chosen team. There is a well prepared, fenced and professionally lit pitch in El Gounathat can be at your disposal any time. It is a little smaller than a regular field, but it is surely big enough to fit your guests and fans! Fight against our local instructors and Beach Boys, but beware – these Vice Champions of El Gounatake football seriously!

Time: 2 hours.


Exotic Desert Trip

Horseback riding enthusiasts may be interested in joining a desert trip along the sea shore. The stud farm in El Gounahas over a dozen well behaved horses and camels to choose from. Imagine the sun mystically setting down behind the mountains… The route passes by the beach in front of our station.

Time: from 0,5h to 3h.


Beach Party

Wild dances, hot African rhythms and cold drinks for everyone! Famous DJ’s and live bands will please all different music preferences. Our regular Ja’Mondaysbecame the most popular jam, cult sessions in El Gouna. Everyone is welcome to join the music madness and play. Professional stage equipment and lightening is at your disposal. The real Beach Party only in RedSeaZone!

Time: From dusk till down!


Hurghada Trip

Explore the buzzing life and history of this colorful Egyptian City. See for yourself the mixture of a small fishing village and a cosmopolitan tourist center. Enjoy the famous SekalaStreet full of restaurants, shops, stalls, spices and fruits, where souvenirs are made in front of your eyes. You can buy all these at convenient prices – that is, of course, if you know how to bargain!

Time: about 3 hours.



The schedule depends on your demands and expectations. Once we know your goals and needs, adjusting it is merely a formality.  We are professional, flexible and we want to make your trip a memorable experience.  The prices depend on the number of participants, time needed and personal modifications.


Kacper Kamiński 
Mobile: (+48) 519 342 917 
Skype nick: kacper_redseazone

Cena zawiera:

  • Wypożyczenie sprzętu kitesurfingowego (kompletu deska + latawiec) lub wakeboardingowego,
  • Trapez, kamizelkę asekuracyjną i kask,
  • Asekurację na spocie podczas pływania na kitesurfingu,
  • Karnety do wakeparku zgodnie z wybraną opcją.

Co na tym zyskujesz i ile oszczędzasz?

Rozważmy opcję wyjazdu, na którym będziesz pływał przez 3 dni na kitesurfingu i 3 dni na wake'u!

Opcja nr 1 - Wypożyczanie sprzętu:

3 dni wypożyczenia kompletu sprzętu kite 3x70 EUR + trzydniowy karnet na wakepark (3x35 EUR) + wypożyczenie sprzętu do wake'a (3x20EUR) daje w sumie ok. 375 EUR.

Opcja nr 2 - Sprzęt własny:

Tydzień pływania na własnym sprzęcie: 45 EURx2 (przewóz sprzętu) + 45 EUR (przechowanie), do tego karnet do wakeparku i wypożyczenie jak powyżej to w sumie ok. 300 EUR. Zwróć jednak uwagę, że w tej opcji pływasz w wakeparku na sprzęcie kitesurfingowym, borykasz się z problematycznym bagażem i wożeniem go ze sobą (hotel, baza kite, wakepark), a do tego nie masz pełnej rozmiarówki kite'ów więc nie wiesz czy te które masz będą akurat odpowiednie...

PAKIET KITE&WAKE - dlaczego warto?

Ponieważ pakiet kosztuje Cię 350 EUR na tydzień - ale każdego dnia pływasz na czym chcesz, masz profesjonalny, zawsze nowy sprzęt odpowiednio dobrany do warunków, a do tego nie masz żadnych problemów z bagażem! Co więcej, nie zużywasz i nie niszczysz własnego sprzętu i masz gwarancję, że dostaniesz latawiec na każde warunki - dysponujemy pełną rozmiarówką, do 17-stek włącznie! Kupując pakiet jedziesz na prawdziwe wakacje - za tą samą cenę - komfort i brak zmartwień masz gratis;)



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