New RedSeaZone base

//New RedSeaZone base

RedSeaZone become bigger, better and stronger. Not only walls, equipment and colorful benches returned. A lot more came back - the family and magical atmosphere from which our base was always known!

We seriously considered the functionality and convenience of each room. Currently, you have more space to relax and eat a meal. Shopping can be done in a larger, better equipped store, we will provide you with a separate room where instructor courses can take place and where video-analyzes of regular trainings can take place. Larger and higher boxes will help you keep order in imported kite equipment, and you can observe other kitesurfers from the newly built terrace, during the break from swimming.

We changed old umbrellas into palm trees, creating a beautiful oasis in the area. If they are rooted enough, we will hang hammocks between palms and offer you delicious fresh juices and other drinks. Picture like from a fairy tale. And we have one more real hit for you! In the new base, you will find an infrared sauna! We will fire it during the fall (as the temperature drops enough, and the sauna will be useful). Can you imagine entering such a room after winter ridding?

It was not easy, decisions were changed a hundred times, but we are proud of the final effect!
See the effect on the pictures and invite yourself to a trip around the base :)




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