Complete kitesurfing course IKO level 1+2+3

//Complete kitesurfing course IKO level 1+2+3

The complete package for those who want to have full kitesurfing course that covers all thee IKO levels. You will know it all after completion of this course. Lessons will start with controlling a small kite and will finish with the ability make your first jump! You will learn how to use your equipment in a safe manner and what to do in case of emergency.

We will issue the International IKO certificate upon completion of this course. This will enable you to rent the equipment and use kitesurfing stations all over the world!

Lessons program:

  • Short lessons on the beach (approx 45 minutes) –safety briefing, equipment set up, wind window and wind directions, weather conditions assessment, location assessment.
  • Lessons on the water– kite control, launch and land the kite on land and on the water, bodydragging – use the pull of the kite to move upwind and downwind, self –rescue, putting the board on your feet, waterstarts and correct body position, riding both directions, riding upwind, independent starting and finishing at the same point, turns, riding switch, first jumps!

NOVELTY: We train using radio. From now you will always hear your instructor!

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Course Group Individual
Complete course IKO 1+2+3 18 h650 € 12 h695 €
Course IKO 1+2+3 + 2 days rental PROMO Package 18 h + 2 days760 € 12h + 2 days805 €
Course IKO 1+2+3 + 7 days rental  PROMO Package 18 h + 7 days850 € 12h + 7 days895 €



  • 10% discount for early booking

Price includes:

  • Learning with fully licensed International Kiteboarding Organization instructors
  • Equipment during course
  • International Kiteboarding Organisation Certificate upon completion of the course
  • Promotional packagess contain the right amount of hire days equipment

Price does not include:

  • Surcharge for lessons with head instructor: + 20%. The option on special request.


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