El Gouna

African Venice * A paradise for kite surfers

El Gouna is an absolutely unique city!

El Gouna is a private resort built by an Egyptian billionaire that is modelled on Venice – an archipelago of artificial islands surrounded by canals and connected by bridges.

What can you do in El Gouna?

There are a number of remarkable hotels spread across the islands as well as modern Nubian-style flats. Golf courses, verdant gardens, Venetian-style streets and gushing waterfalls allow you to relax in true European style. Numerous restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs are only part of the wide range of entertainment on offer to tourists in El Gouna – a true oasis of paradise.

There is something for everyone here in El Gouna, regardless of whether you come alone or with your family. Be prepared to be thrilled and amazed! Sunshine, fresh air and sea water is not all that awaits you here.

Take advantage of the best equipment and professional services at the various sports-related centres – kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, squash – the choice is yours! Try horse riding in the desert or put your golfing skills to the test on the 18-hole course. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find an activity that suits you… And if you feel like relaxing, replenish your energy levels and boost your spirits – El Gouna will reveal its hidden side to you.

Visit the art town, take advantage of the world-class spas, relax your mind at the Club 88 or listen to live music at one of the local restaurants… And at the end of the day, head to the modern Marina for a delectable dinner.

El Gouna districts

In order of north to south:


El Gouna is a small town with a lot of different means of transportation. At most, you can get from one end of town to the other within a dozen minutes.

To choose from, depending on your tastes, there is a regular bus line, a motorboat cab and the atmospheric Tok-Toks – that is, motorized rickshaws also known in Asia and South America, which announce their presence with a cheerful horn at every corner.

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