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The best year-round kitesurfing spot only 4 hours from Europe

Flat and shallow lagoon (about 500 m of water up to your waist), sandy beach and bottom, wonderful weather, turquoise water and impressive wind statistics make it impossible to dream of a better place to swim and learn kitesurfing. Thanks to these conditions, we swim 365 days a year at our kitesurf school!

Blue lagoon

Approximately 500 metres of blue water that reaches the waist - absolute perfection for beginners and advanced swimmers.


Annual wind statistics point to more than 70% of days with wind speed above 4 Beaufort!


The air temperature rarely drops below 25 degrees Celsius / 77 degrees Fahrenheit.


At least 6 months per year we swim without wetsuits, in the remaining months the water has the minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celcius / 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kite 365 days a year, only 4 hours flight from Poland

With a flat and shallow lagoon (about 500 meters of water up to your waist), a sandy beach and bottom, turquoise water and very good wind statistics, you can’t think of a better place to learn and kite!

What if we further tell you that the air temperature rarely drops below 25 degrees, the annual wind statistic exceeds 70% of days with winds above 4 Beaufort? And let’s also add that more than 6 months of the year we are kiting WITHOUT WETSUIT?

Believe us – you won’t find a better place so close to Europe where you can kite 365 days a year!

More about wind

Our spot is located in the passat zone, which are constant winds blowing in the intertropical zone. In addition, they are amplified by two effects:

Thanks to these factors, our spot boasts an average annual statistic of more than 70% windy days per year!

Wind directions

Weather and wind forecast

You can find average temperatures for each month and the current weather and wind forecast here: El Gouna weather.

What size kites to take?

Take all what you have – from small 6-7m to large 13-17 meter kites. The average wind strength on our spot is about 14 – 17 knots, but as the name suggests, this is only an average. Observing the behavior of the wind on our spot, we noticed the following correlations:


For beginners

Our spot is ideal for kitesurfers of all levels. Beginners will appreciate the expansive 500-meter shallow area, where the water, depending on the phase of the tide, reaches up to the waist. It creates ideal conditions for safe and comfortable training – nowhere will you make faster progress than at this type of spot.

For advanced

Advanced kiters, in addition to the shallow lagoon, will appreciate the flat, undulating water, which makes riding at our spot very comfortable and makes it much easier to learn new tricks. The deep water is separated from the shallow water by a live reef, which you can safely bypass and go on sea voyages. If necessary, you can get help from a rescue boat at any time. There is a 3-10 meter wide strip of dead reef marked with yellow buoys in the RSZ – try to exercise caution when are you kiting over this area.


As in every spot as well in Egypt, the tides are also in force on ours. In a day we have two low water levels – tides and two high water levels – tides. A full cycle from high tide to low tide lasts 6 hours and looks as follows:

And so on round the clock, 4 times a day, 365 days a year. Every 24 hours the hour at which the high tide occurs moves forward by about 40 minutes, so for example, if today the lowest water level was at 9:15 a.m. then tomorrow we can expect the high tide at 9:55.

The amplitude (the difference between the high and low water levels) depends on the season and the phase of the moon. In winter, spring and autumn, the difference between the highest and lowest water levels is not as great as in summer, during which the water in our lagoon can disappear for about 2-3 hours. What do we do in such a case? We go kiting in the deep water or take a break for lunch 🙂

Tides, unlike wind, can be predicted very accurately in advance for years ahead.

Bring with you

Sunscreen with UV SPF30 or higher, sunglasses, long-sleeved lycra – especially in summer, water shoes to protect your feet from bits of old reef and sharp shells (applies mainly to beginners).

Spot map at RSZ in El Gouna

The area for beginner kitesurfers has been separated for your safety, while advanced riders can kiting within the Advanced Riding Area and beyond. Everything is watched over by the Rescue Boat, whose crew has a good view of the entire spot.

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