Kitesurfing courses for beginners and advanced kite surfers

Kitesurfing courses for beginners and advanced kite surfers

We run kitesurfing courses for everyone – for beginners who have not yet had any exposure to the sport, through intermediate courses for those who want to develop their skills, as well as for the top level who want to master the most difficult kitesurfing stunts. Do you belong to any of these groups? Then be sure to try our kite course and find out what great fun this sport is!

Thanks to modern equipment and training methods, kitesurfing has become a widely accessible sport. All you need is basic physical fitness and willingness. Be warned: kitesurfing is addictive 😉 .

Fun, effective, safe

We are a licensed kitesurfing school (IKO license number 704) and the only Polish school in Egypt. We have experience that goes back as far as 1992. Our kite surfing instructors are professionals and enthusiasts who practice the sport every day – instructing, training for competitions, testing equipment… We take care of our students and make sure that kitesurfing lessons are full of not only learning, but also fun!

Kitesurfing - Courses for beginners

Our kitesurfing courses for beginners will allow you to learn the sport in a friendly atmosphere and see how much fun it is. Courses for beginners are an offer aimed at people who have never experienced kitesurfing before.

IKO 1 kitesurfing course level

IKO 1 is a kitesurfing course level covering the absolute basics that will make you friends with your kite and learn to control its power! You will learn about our spot, sailing theory, nomenclature, how to prepare your equipment, and most importantly, you will learn the safety rules.

This level includes:

IKO 2 kitesurfing course level

The IKO 2 kitesurfing course is a level that you will already spend entirely in the water! Here you will use all the skills you have previously acquired and add a board. The first successful launch is one of the most enjoyable moments of the course and the first reward for the effort you put in! Doesn’t it come quickly? You won’t even know it until you take our kitesurfing courses for advanced learners!

This level includes:

Intermediate kitesurfing courses

Kitesurfing courses for intermediate is an offer aimed at people who have already taken their first steps in the kitesurfing world. If you already master body drags, know how to steer a kite or have already mastered your first launches – you will find something for you in the following offer.

IKO 3 kitesurfing course level

The IKO 3 kitesurfing course level is your path to independence. Once you’ve mastered taking off with your board, you’ll be taught to swim hard into the wind and back to where you came from. You’ll start making turns and perhaps make your first attempts at jumping! It’s these skills that will make you feel comfortable on the water and love kitesurfing!

IKO 4 kitesurfing course level

IKO 4 kitesurfing course level

The IKO 4 kitesurfing course level is the level where the adrenaline rushes in. Now that you’ve mastered launches to perfection and the turns are coming out better and better, it’s time for jumps and more advanced skills! Since you are already an independent kite surfer, this is the last moment to remind yourself of safety rules and the right of way!

This level includes:

How many hours do you need to learn kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing, despite being classified as an extreme sport, is not that difficult. The skills achieved very quickly begin to bring joy! However, everyone progresses at different times, and it is difficult to predict unequivocally after how many hours you will start sailing on the board. Whether it’s 8 or 14 hours, there’s no reason to worry – after all, it’s still not much! Learning kitesurfing is a very individual thing, don’t worry if it goes a tad slower than your friends!

If you’re just starting out in kitesurfing and want to feel for yourself the pleasure of the sport, consider a 10-hour individual or 12-hour group course. These are the most common options chosen by our students and generally the average time needed to master your first board launches! Let’s get to it! The Polish kitesurfing base located in El Gouna awaits you!

PROMOTIONAL packages: course + rental

Course + rental packages are the best choice for people who want to squeeze the most out of their trip. Using our packages, you get a week-long equipment rental package along with the course at a discounted price.



Kitesurfing course for every level! IKO 1/2/3/4

Kitesurfing course for beginners and intermediates.

price from 45 €

Individual Kitesurfing Lesson

Take advantage of individual lesson to focus on specific tasks.
price from 45 €

Kitesurfing Course + Equipment Package

Choose the appropriate number of hours of training and match it with equipment rental.
price from 45 €

Kitesurfing: freestyle workshop

Take your kitesurfing to the next level. Learn to fly really high and perform your first trick!
price from 45 €

Refresher Kitesurfing Course

We will help you trim your new equipment, show you how it works and also remind you of the most important things from the course and fill in the gaps.
price from 45 €

Trust the professionals

If you dream of learning kitesurfing in Egypt, you are invited to our school! We are professionals, we have many years of experience and many satisfied students from our cooperation. Whether you are interested in kitesurfing courses for beginners or advanced, there is something for everyone in our extensive offer! Don’t wait any longer, but book an appointment today to soon feel the board and water under your feet, the wind in your hair and the adrenaline coursing through your veins. Every kitesurfing course with us is great fun, regardless of whether you will learn individually or in a group. You are welcome!

Tandem kitesurfing course

Tandem kitesurfing is a unique, modern method of learning kitesurfing – no skills are required to get started! Such lessons are recommended for people who would like to try real kitesurfing (glide swimming, jumping) without going through a full course, as well as for those who have stalled and can’t manage the transition to the next level of skill – if you can’t perform a board launch or are afraid of your first jump, riding in a tandem will take away those barriers! Tandem = double your progress!

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